Our Team

Pierre - Demers Glass Team Member
Pierre Demers
42 Years with Demers Glass

I love to hunt and fish and enjoy outdoor activities. I started with my father in this business when I was still in high school, continuing to learn and grow every day. I love the fact we have built a dedicated team and continue to provide quality products and services for a reasonable price.

Danny - Demers Glass Team Member
Daniel Demers
Executive VP
36 Years with Demers Glass

The office has an inviting work atmosphere with guidance just an office away for assistance or advice as needed. The ability to assist in designing projects from the conceptual stages to owner occupied completion, allows you to challenge your internal design ability and push the designs of a window system beyond standard applications. The most rewarding is when you are driving around town and can physically see the fruits of your labor.

Donald - Demers Glass Team Member
Donald Demers
Vice President
35 Years with Demers Glass

I enjoy putting all aspects of a project together with the great team we have. The best part of this job for me is seeing the team work happen from start to finish. Our employees are quite comical at times but very professional. I am very happy to be working with such a great people every day.

Tim - Demers Glass Team Member
Timmy Rioux
Project Manager/Field Technician
32 Years with Demers Glass

I started working for Demers Glass back in the early 80’s, I worked after school and on weekends when I was in Jr. high school and started full time after I graduated from high school. The company is great to work for and really good to the employees. I grew up with all of the Demers and consider them my family.

Dwayne - Demers Glass Team Member
Dwayne Brimhall
Project Manager
25 Years with Demers Glass

I love working at Demers glass because the autonomy I have. I select the tasks, team and strategies and they supply the goals.

Jennifer Demers
Jennifer Demers
Commercial Estimator
11 Years with Demers Glass

I have been with Demers Glass in total for 11 years. I started with going to work with my dad Pierre throughout my childhood on summer breaks and he would even bring sets of blueprints home for me to tape the edges of each page. We have a great team of people here that make it all work together. Every day is a challenge for me with so many new things to learn! But what I love most is that I have the opportunity to learn from the best in the business! When I am not working I enjoy spending time with my kids and grandkids.

Tina S - Demers Glass Team Member
Tina Sinclair
Administrative Assistant/Office Manager
8 Years with Demers Glass

I appreciate working for a family owned business! From time to time, flexibility is needed in order to meet a customer’s needs and it is nice to get an answer right-away from the owners without having to jump through ‘corporate’ hoops.

Moe - Demers Glass Team Member
Moe Mustafa
Senior Estimator
4 Years with Demers Glass

Being a member of the Demers Glass Team is one of the best decisions I have made in my career. I came here knowing that Demers Glass had the reputation for doing things only one way… “The Right Way”. I have learned a great deal here, and continue to do so on an everyday basis. From Estimating, Project Management, Pre-Construction, Design Builds and much more. The relationships I have built with my Colleagues, General Contractors, Architects, Engineers and Vendors are all valuable assets. Not to mention that as a Family owned Company, Demers Glass always looks out for the Team they employ as just that… “Family”. I look forward to the years to come at this Company.

Tina G - Demers Glass Team Member
Tina Granado
4 Years with Demers Glass

I enjoy working and interacting with all of Demers employees. They are great people. My job challenges me every day and lets me be part of something larger that makes a difference. I have been able to use my skills and knowledge as well as push myself in areas that I am unsure of. I love that Demers cares to give me the flexibility when needed.

John - Demers Glass Team Member
John Stitt Jr.
Senior Field Superintendent/Quality Control
4 Years with Demers Glass

I enjoy the challenges that are presented to me with the projects we work on. I enjoy anything outdoors. Being up with the sun and running till the day is done.

Sondra - Demers Glass Team Member
Sondra Molina
Administrative Assistant
3 Years with Demers Glass

I have been with Demers Glass for 3 years. I enjoy working for this company because Demers is a company that cares about their employees and their customers. Everyday I take pride in educating and helping customers find a resolution to their glass needs. I also enjoy spending time with my family, crafting, traveling, camping, hunting and fishing.

Elias - Demers Glass Team Member
Elias Molina
2 Years with Demers Glass

I love to hunt and fish, enjoy helping customers by providing them quotes for repairs or improvements.

Dina - Demers Glass Team Member
Dina Wyman
Coordination Director
1+ Years with Demers Glass

I love working at Demers because I love a challenge. I like to feel like every day I accomplish what I have set my mind to do. I really enjoy the people I work with. I loved the opportunity to prove myself to grow within the company. I enjoy cooking, fishing. I am very crafty, drawings, painting and woodwork.

Michael - Demers Glass Team Member
Michael Darnell
Project Manager
1 Year with Demers Glass

Proud to be a member of a professional team. (That and get a free lunch once a month!!!)

Pam - Demers Glass Team Member
Pamela Desmarias
Administrative Assistant
1+ Years with Demers Glass

I like working for the company because its family owned and operated.

Dana Hammock - Demers Glass Team Member
Dana Hammock
Administrative Assistant
1 Year with Demers Glass

I work directly with the homeowners and do the scheduling for the Residential Technicians in our Peoria Office. I have enjoyed giving our customers options they never expected. We offer such a variety of products that can make your home your sanctuary. Working for a family owned business and having a direct line of communication to our President makes my job so much easier. I am fortunate that I work with a wonderful group of people both inside the office and out in the field, all of them are willing to answer my questions as I learn more about our industry and our products.