In the sunniest metropolitan city in America, getting the right mirrors installed means everything. Installing mirrors is a game of light; it’s all about getting the best gear and the best team to get the best results.

The Highest-Quality Mirror Replacement & Installation by The Most Skilled Technicians in Phoenix, AZ

Mirrors aren’t something you want to keep replacing, so you’re better off getting a high-quality product that will last long and still perform just as well. We’ve made it our life’s mission to ensure that all installations are carried out with the utmost diligence, and by the most trained hands in the trade.

Find the Right Mirror to fit Your Needs

Where do you want your mirrors installed? What type of design are you looking for? These are the kinds of questions we ask before matching you with the ideal mirror solution. That’s because we know that you want to get a mirror that goes with the décor in your home. Demers will help you pick the right thickness, the perfect tint and you’ll even get the edge finish you pictured in your mind.

Also, your mirror must be as big as you want it to be. It should come in the shape and angle you want it to come in. When it comes to materials or styles; we can help you make sense of all the choices we have on offer. Whether you’re looking to get a wall mirror, a dressing mirror, or a freestanding one; you can take your pick from a selection of superior varieties.

Our Professional Mirror Installation Guarantees to You

Our team makes use of the strictest safety standards and quality control measures to make sure installation is done once and done well. We have the best equipment in the industry, and an experienced crew to match it.

From transporting the mirror to hanging it up safely- we’ll get it done for you without a problem. If you want to save time and energy without risking any damage being done to the mirror, leave it all in the hands of our installation experts for a quick, safe, and easy job.

Demers Glass is guided by a unified leadership of committed individuals who share the same vision and long-term goals. As a family-run business, authenticity, and trust are of utmost importance. Loyalty is at the heart of everything we do, and customers end up being like family too.

This is more than just business for us. We’ve developed a level of flexibility that allows us to go beyond the call of duty, all in the name of delivering top-tier service.

We have no doubt you’ll enjoy the effect your new mirrors will have in your space. Having worked with all kinds of mirrors in all kinds of spaces, there isn’t an installation or replacement that’s too challenging for our team.

Our technicians will take the time to assess your unique situation. You’ll be consulted and given expert advice, and everything will be done according to the prevailing industry standards.

Seasoned Professional Installers

Family Owned and Operated

Free Consultation Guarantee

Our Mirror Replacement & Installation Come With These Benefits

Luxury Look & Feel

Our velvet-smooth mirrors are perfect for all settings; both corporate and residential. No matter what style of mirror you decide to go with, Demers will seal it all with a clean finish. Shiny things are associated with class, cleanliness, and luxury. Our generous selection of lustrous mirrors can help you express your sense of fine taste.

Durability Built for the Long-Run

Harsh environmental conditions can lead to a mirror getting degraded to a point where it isn’t as clear or as smooth. Even after years of use, our mirrors will remain pleasing to the eye and smooth to the touch.

While the aesthetic side of mirrors serves a purpose, it’s also important that our products prove themselves to be a long-term investment worth making. Creating long-lasting mirrors is a priority of ours, and it always will be, so long as we’re in the business of replacing and installing mirrors

Superior Quality

Demers has partnered with industry leaders in a collaborative effort to bring you the best quality mirrors on the market. Witness technology like you’ve never seen it, as we present our range of copper-free mirrors, proven to be superior to the copper-laden kind.

You don’t ever have to worry about corrosion or staining because our mirrors can withstand all of that. Even when it comes to maintenance, you won’t have to break a sweat. Try comparing our mirrors to the kind you’re used to and you’re bound to see and feel the difference, no doubt about it.

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Our Customers Say it Best…

As they say, ‘the proof is in the pudding’. Here’s what our customers have to say about the quality of our service:

Last August we had a house fire. The insurance company referred their remodel team. The remodel was worse than the fire.

Thank God for Demers Glass. They were able to install mirrors over the substandard boards the remodel hacks used on my tongue and groove.

We live offgrid on a ranch. They came out, took measurements, and quickly covered the eyesores from the substandard remodel.

So very grateful there are still people working that actually care about the work they do. I would recommend Demers glass to anyone wanting old fashioned quality workmanship!

Blake Rogers
Our Partners

Unelko is the leader in protecting glass surfaces. For over 40 years, Unelko Corporation has been developing and manufacturing advanced surface cleaners, coatings and treatments for the preservation & enhancement of a wide range of surfaces. Demers Glass proudly uses The Invisible Shield®, the world’s first long-lasting and invisible “non-stick” coating for glass, porcelain and ceramics. This product can be used across commercial glass, household glass, shower glass and much more.

Demers Glass offers Unelko products, application, and routine application services. Call us 1-888-Glassman or submit your info here and one of our team members can provide more information or set up service.



– Prevents Corrosion, Staining and Deposits
– Improves Clarity and Appearance Long-Term
– Dramatically Minimize Glass Maintenance

The Invisible Shield glass protection