New & Replacement Mirrors

A mirror’s environment is it’s worst enemy. Over time, humidity, atmospheric conditions, ammoniated cleaners and many other substances eat away at a mirror’s protective coatings and corrode the reflective surface. This is commonly known as “black edge”. That’s why we use Duraflect® Copper-Free Mirrors, proven superior over conventional copper mirrors. Our glass goes through thorough Quality Control resulting in a durable, superior grade mirror with exceptional clarity and diamond-like brilliance that will withstand the elements of time and the environment.

Demers provides all kinds of custom mirrors and replacement mirrors from whole wall mirrors to small medicine cabinet mirror replacements.

  • Thicknesses available: 1/8”, 3/16” & ¼” (not all tints available in all thicknesses)
  • Tints available: clear, grey, bronze, blue, antique, green, low iron, mystique & peach
  • Available edge finishes in standard seamed, flat ground, flat polished, pencil polished, mitered, beveled & chipped (chiseled) edges.
  • Additional services/products: Custom cut drill homes for light switches, receptacles, thermostats, AC/heating vents, corner notches, etc. We provide mirror plates for light switches, receptacles, etc.
Modern bathroom with large mirror | Demers Glass AZ
Full Wall Bathroom Mirror | Demers Glass AZ
Large modern bathroom with wall mirror