A pet door is one of the best investments you can make for yourself and your pet. The benefits of a pet door range from safety to added freedom for your furry friend, and it even eases the burden of having to carry, escort, or ask your pet to go outside.

Pet doors have been around for a while, but the kind we’re seeing today is far more advanced than ever before. They come with insulation technology and features that make it impossible for intruders to take advantage of these little entrances.

However, it’s important to hire a professional to install your pet door, as they’ll pretty much do everything for you except train your pet to use it. In the end, having a pet door will improve your and your pet’s quality of life as access to the outdoors is important for both humans and creatures alike.

The Most Dependable Pet Door Installers in Phoenix, Flagstaff, and Lakeside, AZ

Anytime you invest in your home, durability is usually one of the top priorities. Not only does this call for the highest quality materials, but it also requires a hand that has honed the skill of installation. 

You want the job done promptly and effectively, without getting in the way of life around the house. Our technicians have perfected the installation process to ensure maximum comfortability.

Every installation comes with a great sense of responsibility for us, as we know there’s a great deal of loyalty between man and pet. We also believe deeply in functionality, which is why we use only the best materials for our pet door installations.

Find the Right Customized Pet Door to Fit Your Needs

With Demers, you don’t have to worry about finding the right sized door for your pet. We cater to everyone, from the most compact cat to the most colossal canine.

We also understand that your pet needs ample space and you can’t have them squeezing through just to get in and out of the house. Your pet’s wellness and even the lifespan of the pet door depend on the right fit.

So, whether you’re dealing with heavy-duty use or some overly eager pets, you can still trust that all your needs will be taken care of. We understand that some pets are more active than others and we can place your pet door in the most unusual spots if need be as well.

Our Pet Door Installation Guarantees to You

  • We’ll optimize your pet door for heat control, ensuring your home stays cozy throughout the seasons. 
  • Our pet doors are accident-proof, so even when your four-legged friend gets old they’ll still be safe and easy to use.
  • Our doors will last for decades to come, and they even come with a fifteen-year warranty to prove it. 
  • We use non-toxic materials that don’t pollute the environment.

Seasoned Professional Installers

Family Owned and Operated

Up-Front Guarantee

Our Customized Pet Doors Come With These Benefits

Flawless Set-Up

Getting an expert to install your pet door will give you a better, cleaner look. The entire process is seamless and it doesn’t even take that long. Our technicians are trained to adapt to any situation or challenge during installation, and they’ll even handle debris better so it doesn’t leave a mess behind. Plus, a professionally installed pet door will blend in well with the rest of the house.

Up-Front Guarantee

We strive to ensure that your pet’s needs are met while taking your preferences into full consideration as well. We even have a 90-day return policy, just to show the level of confidence we have in the quality of our product and workmanship. We’ll be with you at every step of the process, we’ll take your input seriously, and we’ll even suggest alternative placements for your pet door so you know all the available choices.  

Superior Customer Service

Many of our team members are pet owners themselves, so they understand how transformative a pet door can be for both the owner and the pet’s lifestyle. You can expect to be treated with respect and a good dose of tender loving care. All your questions and concerns will be eagerly addressed, and nobody’s going to tell you that you should’ve Googled that.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much does it cost to install a pet door?

A: The cost of your pet door depends on factors such as where it’s installed, how tricky the placement is, and the type of pet door that you choose. Installation can cost just over a hundred dollars while the pet door itself can go for as low as a couple of hundred dollars, with the costliest one going for just over $900.

Q: Are dog doors hard to install?

A: Installing a permanent doggie door is not a job that anyone can do, especially when dealing with a surface like glass. Protective equipment is needed because of the risks involved and it’s not uncommon to get an injury from working with glass. One must also consider the pet’s age because you don’t want your best friend to outgrow their door. 

An electric drill may be used, measurements must be taken and there’ll probably be a sealant involved.  So, such projects are best undertaken by professionals that have done them before, otherwise, you may damage your  glass door. 

Q: How do you install a doggie door in a glass door?

A: To install a pet door in a glass door, you need to start by measuring your pet’s width and height. Then, a panel will be installed into the glass and it’ll have to be dry fitted to avoid any size-related issues. The panel is then fitted in, screwed in, and fixed in nicely to make it secure. You then have the flap fitted in at the end. For a glass sliding door, you want to have your pet door in a place that doesn’t interfere with your movements in and out of the house.

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The Endura flap is an affordable and effective pet door solution that comes in a variety of sizes. With a secure clip lock mechanism, you can safely maintain some amount of control over your pet’s movements in and outside the house. This American-made flap is so robust, it can easily cater to a dozen pets a dozen times a day.

The versatile design allows you to have it installed anywhere, from sash windows to glass sliding doors. The Endura team had energy efficiency and endurance in mind when designing their product. A magnetic seal works to insulate your home while an aluminum frame and the polyolefin flap withstand the elements pretty well. To top it off, the Endura Flap has a sleek look to it so it’s sure to compliment your home’s design style.