Should you install window tint on your rental property? Will it make any difference to how prospective tenants feel attracted to the home or how they view it? Will renters like the home more if you make this addition? In what other ways will window tint affect the appeal and performance of your rental property?

Benefits of adding window tint to your rental property

1. Privacy and security

Adding window tint to your rental will improve the privacy of the home. People inside the rental will still view what is happening outside their windows, but outsiders cannot see into the home. If outsiders can not see into the home, the likelihood of thieves breaking into the house is significantly reduced. Your renters will feel more comfortable when the windows in your rental home are tinted.

2. Reduced maintenance and a healthier environment

Window tint offers an excellent alternative to curtains and blinds. Dispensing the need for curtains or blinds in front of the windows will improve the home’s appearance. The space will look massive, and the design will appear cleaner. Blinds and curtains also trap large amounts of dust, and by installing window tint, you eliminate this problem. The absence of blinds or curtains in the rental will make the home more attractive to renters who suffer from allergies.

Fancy beach house window tint

3. An affordable and non-permanent way to decorate

Window tint comes in a range of colors. You can determine how dark you want the tint to be; the level of privacy you want. Adding tint to your windows is one of the most affordable ways to improve the appearance of your rental’s interior. Moreover, this change is easy to undo. You can easily remove the tint when you no longer need it or if you want to install a new tint. Adding tint to the windows is a cheap and effective way to transform your rental property instantly.

4. Protect the interior of your rental property 

Constant exposure to UV rays will damage the flooring, furniture, wall paint, and the other contents in the home. Installing window tint will reduce the amount of sunlight streaming into the home. Window tint can reduce 50% or more of the sun’s glare depending on how dark it is. You can still get a lot of natural light in the home without any risk that the paint on your walls will fade or your wood floors will change color. Window tint can help reduce sun damage to your rental.

Living room shot with window tint

5. Safety

Adding tint film to the windows in a rental home will make the glass safer. Some window tint film makes glass tougher by bonding it to the window frame. The chances that the glass will shatter on impact are less. Depending on the product you use, window tint film is strong enough to hold broken glass together when the glass takes a direct hit. That reduces the risk of shards of glass causing injury if your glass gets damaged during a storm or when something is accidentally-thrown at it.

6. Energy Savings

Adding tint to the window will reduce your spending on energy. By blocking most of the sun’s heat from coming into the home, you can prevent hot spots near the window and reduce the stress on your air conditioning. Hot spots inside the rental force your AC to work extra hard and use up more energy. Since tenants are often responsible for paying the energy bills, tenants will appreciate the lower costs. If would-be tenants know the energy bills of a rental will be lower due to the window tint you have installed, they will be more interested in renting the home.

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What you should know before installing window tint

1. Know the different types of window tint

There are three types of window tint, based on what they do. Solar tints improve the home’s energy efficiency by absorbing up to 99% of UV rays. Security tints help to prevent burglaries and storm damage. A decorative tint is for beautifying the home.

2. Check the glass on your windows

The glass in your windows influences the type of tint you can install. The solar tint will put a lot of thermal stress on the glass, but decorative and security tints don’t do this. You have more freedom using decorative or security tints on any window glass.

3. Window tint may void your warranty

Before installing tints on your windows, ensure that they will not void your warranty. Some window tint films have the potential to damage certain types of glass.

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