The weather can be pretty unforgiving in a place like northern Arizona. As someone living in such brutal conditions, you may find that a second, protective door may be useful. That’s exactly what a storm door is. But, while it sounds like the stuff of movies, it has its drawbacks (like everything else). So what are storm doors for and what are their pros and cons? Keep reading to find out.


Your House Gets a Facelift

A storm door gives you lots of room to express your taste; from the make of the storm door to the glass type and color. It can be a great way to infuse some personality into the face of the house. Shift attention away from or draw it to the front door by leaving the storm door closed and the front door open. You can do it all when you have a storm door installed. 

It Provides Extra Security

They call it a storm door because it’s built to protect your main door from the elements. Also, when you think of general security,  having two doors is better than having one. After all, there’ll be an extra barrier for intruders to deal with. And it isn’t just uninvited guests you can keep out. Even pests can be kept at bay while you enjoy the benefits of the outdoors from the inside. You can still enjoy your view, the sunlight, and fresh air safely from inside.

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You’re Investing

Perhaps you’ll consider selling your house somewhere down the line. The installation of a storm door can help to increase the resale value of your home. You’re not just beautifying your home, but you’re adding functionality to your property too, which makes it a home improvement expense. The return on investment is also worth your while when factoring in the next advantage; energy efficiency.

Energy is Saved

With a storm door, there’s going to be less energy dedicated to heating and cooling your home. A storm door can keep out excess heat and block out the biting cold, giving your home a good amount of insulation. In addition to a solar insect screen, it’ll help to retain energy and effectively help you cut costs.

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Harder to Access your Home

There are times when you need to get in the house as quickly as possible. With two doors to deal with, it’s not as easy. In case of emergency, those few seconds pulling down on the second door handle can be crucial. Carrying a sleeping child from the car can be quite challenging too, with two barriers to pass through. 

Imagine having a serious load to carry through your entryway after a day of retail therapy. The process of dropping your things, opening the doors, and picking them up again can be a lot. Your time and your energy will be affected. If you’ve locked both doors, it’ll be even more of a mission, so keep that in mind.

Storm Doors Trap Heat

Your main door is going to take a hit if the storm door is exposed to too much sunlight. If you live in an area that doesn’t get much heat though, you have nothing to worry about. One of the purposes of a door is to keep the interior of your house comfortable. With too much heat building up on the glass panels of your storm door, you have a problem.

When guests make their way into your house, stuffiness is the last thing you want. With so much heat gain on your hands, comfortability can be compromised. Fresh air is important in a home, so you need to make sure your guests get it. That’s why you need to periodically open your storm doors once you have them installed.

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It Can be Costly

The fact of the matter is that buying and installing a storm door isn’t cheap. You’re going to part with a decent amount of money. This is an investment that you can’t take lightly, especially if you consider all the benefits it provides. In the short term, it costs a pretty penny, but you do get what you pay for.

For the standard size, it can cost you anywhere from $100 to $300. Installation should cost you around about the same price. This price will of course will depend on the quality of the storm doors as well as the labor. Custom sizes and styles could shoot that price up to almost $1000.

It May Need Replacing

Your storm door will probably have more people passing through compared to your main door. We’re talking about your first line of defense here. It will take more of a beating, and will therefore probably need replacement every so often. You should expect to get a new one after five years.

Is a Storm Door Really Necessary?

You need to consider whether your location has a lower than average temperature. In colder regions, a storm door may just be what you need. If your house hardly gets any storms, then you’re in the clear. The need for a storm door will depend largely on the type of place you live in. 

This is something that complements the aesthetics and functionality of your front door. If having an attractive and purposeful entrance is what you want, then the storm door is for you. If cold drafts and other forces of nature present a problem, then the storm door will solve it. Whether you need it or not is a matter of your situation.

What is the Difference Between a Storm Door and a Regular Door?

The usual door is just for getting in and out of your house. As for the storm door, it has a more practical purpose. It’ll usually have glass panels that let you see through it keeping out water, air, and bugs.  The storm door goes in front of your regular door and acts as the first frontier of protection.

In order to guarantee protection, storm doors are normally made from a metal like aluminum. For the sake of insulation, tempered glass will typically feature. This makes it heavier than your usual wooden door. It’ll take a bit more effort to open it, this isn’t just a duplicate front door, but again, it’s well worth it.

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Do Storm Doors Keep the Cold Out?

You’ve got insulation on your side here, so cold air is no match for your storm door. Snow has no chance either. This is a serious temperature control measure you’re taking here, so you won’t even feel the effects of winter. 

From ice to cool breezes, you can keep it all at an arm’s length. If your door is hit by the cold for a prolonged period of time, that could result in more maintenance. Storm doors will ensure the durability of your porch by keeping out the cold. Only the exterior of your house will be affected. When it’s cold, from the front door to the interior, it’ll be comfortable throughout.

When Should you Use a Storm Door?

If you live in extreme conditions, then a storm door may just be what you need. It’ll definitely protect your main door from being damaged by the elements. If security is a priority in your home and privacy is something you value; a storm door can help with that. It’ll even help with energy efficiency. Depending on your residential needs, a storm door can change your life.