Window Replacement & Installation in Phoenix, AZ

Replacing and installing windows is a delicate process that requires only the best technicians. Our experts are veterans of the industry, and there aren’t too many streets in Phoenix they haven’t worked on. They’ll identify your specific needs and preferences and walk you through the entire installation process.

The Highest-Quality Window Replacement & Installation by The Most Skilled Technicians in Phoenix, AZ

Our team has an extensive portfolio stretching into both residential and commercial spaces, no design or idea is beyond us. Having been in the business for generations, we maintain high industry standards while leveraging state-of-the-art advancements in technology.

Find the Right Customized Windows to fit Your Needs

It’s never a one-size-fits-all situation when it comes to windows and that’s why we encourage you to infuse your own flair into the design process. Glass is classy; and what’s more classy than having the freedom of choice?

You’ll be looking into and out of the windows you decide to install for a long time, so you might as well make sure they’re to your liking. We don’t want to corner you into picking a certain design, it’s very important to us that the style you pick represents your identity.

Individualized designs are a specialty of ours because, why should you have the same windows as everyone else if you don’t want to? If you’re looking to save some money on energy, we have several efficient solutions for you to choose from as well.

Windows represent possibilities, liberation, and opportunities; and that’s exactly what you offer you at Demers Glass.

Our Professional Window Installation Guarantees to You

We’ve got a reputation to uphold, so we wouldn’t dream of doing anything but delivering the best possible service. Our window installation is world-class, our prices are hard to beat, and we get the job done quickly and easily.

We believe in the power windows have to express sophistication and taste. That’s why you can expect to get a polished finish every time. Not only are we competent at what we do, as our certifications will prove, we’re also highly accomplished; a fact made clear by the accolades we’ve received.

We’ve installed windows in colleges, theatres, and hospitals; so we can assure you we know what we’re doing.

Seasoned Professional Installers

Family Owned and Operated

Free Consultation Guarantee

Our Customized Window Replacement & Installation Comes With These Benefits

Elite Craftsmanship

We employ the highest quality control standards and the latest engineering techniques to be able to give you precisely what you need. Customized window replacements and installations allow you to improve the practicality of your space. The precision involved means you can get a perfect fit which doesn’t only look good, but works perfectly as well.

Demers Glass is bold enough to give you the freedom of customization. It takes a lot of courage to tell your customer they can imagine anything and you can make it real; just as they imagined. Not many window and glass companies can do this for you; most of them will just push a standard window arrangement on you.

This should tell you that customized window installation is not a joke; only the best glaziers can pull it off. If one measurement is off, the whole project is jeopardized. The fact that we’re flexible when it comes to design shows that we’re good at what we do.

It can be quite challenging working with a customer who has very specific needs. That’s why most companies would rather just give you a bunch of templates they’re comfortable working with. There isn’t a single job that is too complicated or outside of our expertise. We don’t just have normal handymen on our team, our people are known to be some of the best window and glass professionals in Arizona.

Meticulous Design

We know that you want your windows to compliment the surrounding design elements in your space. You’re free to guide us in terms of measurements and dimensions and dictate what style you want for your windows.

You can expect to get exactly what you ordered, down to the last inch and decimal point. We take our time with design builds, taking all your instructions into consideration to make sure you’re 100 percent satisfied. We know how important both aesthetics and practicality are, so we carefully use our time-tested methods to make sure the form and function of your windows achieve what you want them to.

Say you spend a lot of money cooling or heating your space. With the right window design, you can keep that space cooler when it needs to be cooler and warmer when it needs to be warmer.

Installing ordinary windows is hard enough, custom windows call for an even greater attention to detail. The accuracy required for custom windows means that the smallest details are given special attention. Sometimes, it’s the little things the count, our personalized window services allow you to make those tiny tweaks that enhance your home’s aesthetic.

Superior Quality

The great thing about going with customized windows is the fact that you get to decide what materials your windows are made from. Not all materials are equally durable, so if you want something that lasts, you can have your pick at the more sturdy stuff. If you want something with wood, we won’t just shove any species in your face. You can weigh the pros and cons of each variety to get the kind that would serve you best.

We’ve partnered with various companies in a collaborative effort that results in a level of quality that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s just like they say; “two heads are better than one”.

The quality of a window is largely determined by what it’s made of, how it fits into its surroundings, and what ‘feel’ or ‘look’ it gives off. As someone who knows their own space best, consulting with you; the customer, allows us to provide you with the highest grade of service there can be.

You hardly think of comfort when you think of windows, but light directly affects our mood, and the way in which your windows reflect light can mean the difference between a relaxed atmosphere or a tense one.

Your windows won’t be the most prominent feature in your space, but they definitely will add to the ambiance of the building. Also, because you can choose the color, shape, and placement of your windows, there’s a lot of room for creativity.

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Our Customers Say it Best…

As they say, ‘the proof is in the pudding’. Here’s what our customers have to say about the quality of our service:

Highly recommended glass replacement service provider. They came and replaced 3 of my old windows. Worked very hard to remove old windows that kept refusing to let go. Wonderful workmanship and wore masks and shoes covers during the whole process. Very considerate.

Sang Y.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How Much Does It Cost To Replace Windows?

A: It all depends on the size, materials, and features. Due to the number of variables that determine pricing, we encourage you to take advantage of our free consultative approach by giving us a call to get a custom quote.

Q: How Do You Measure For Replacement Windows?

A: We’ll have a technician remove the functional features and glass parts of your old windows, taking care to measure the spaces where your replacements will go. Most projects we come across don’t even require our expert to get inside; all the measurements can be done from the exterior.

Q: Window Repair Versus Replacement?

A: Depending on whether or not your window is damaged, and the extent of that damage; you might have to replace your windows completely. If the moving parts or the frame is damaged somehow, replacement is the way to go. If they refuse to open or close smoothly, you still might want to consider a replacement. Repairing a window can be more expensive than replacing one, so consider why you want new windows.

Our Partners

For more than 60 years, Weather Shield® Windows and Doors has remained a family-owned and operated company providing best-in-class products that offer a high level of design flexibility for residential and commercial customers.

Through continuous innovation, they are able to offer industrial strength efficiency with a refined appearance. They use energy-efficient materials and offer an extensive number of beautifully designed ENERGY STAR® rated products.

Weather Shield also backs their products with a warranty against defects in material for a period of 20 years. So you can be confident you’re getting an outstanding product from a trustworthy company.

Contact Demers at 866-567-6441 to get a free estimate on installing Weather Sheild windows in your home. Demers offers many other residential services including retractable screens, shower enclosures, mirrors and more.

For over 75 years Ply Gem Windows & Doors has been creating beautiful and durable windows and doors designed to amplify a home’s architecture. Their new construction, renovation, and replacement vinyl products perform dependably and require little maintenance to retain their beauty. With energy-efficient glass packages designed specifically for the energy efficiency needs of the southwestern United States, their products help lower cooling and heating costs keeping your home comfortable during any season. With inspiring colors, styles and design options, they enable the nation’s residential builders and contractors to design and build beautiful, low-maintenance and high-performance homes.

Contact Demers at 866-567-6441 to get a free estimate on installing Ply Gem windows in your home. Demers offers many other residential services including retractable screens, shower enclosures, mirrors and more.

Panda Windows and Doors logo | Demers Glass AZ

Panda Windows & Doors™ has been helping residents improve the look and feel of their home for almost 30 years with the goal to create beautiful pieces of functional glass that perform as well as they look.

Today, Panda Windows & Doors™ offers more than 50 high-quality systems including Folding Doors, Lift & Slides, Horizontal Wall Systems, Pivot & French Doors, Multi-Slides, Retractable Screens, Panda-Select line, TS.X0, and Architectural Windows.

They offer ADA, thermally broken, hurricane-graded, and sound-resistant systems that are guaranteed to be suited to both summer and winter homes for maximum safety.

Contact Demers at 866-567-6441 to get a free estimate on installing Panda windows in your home. Demers offers many other residential services including retractable screens, shower enclosures, mirrors and more.


Unelko is the leader in protecting glass surfaces. For over 40 years, Unelko Corporation has been developing and manufacturing advanced surface cleaners, coatings and treatments for the preservation & enhancement of a wide range of surfaces. Demers Glass proudly uses The Invisible Shield®, the world’s first long-lasting and invisible “non-stick” coating for glass, porcelain and ceramics. This product can be used across commercial glass, household glass, shower glass and much more.

Demers Glass offers Unelko products, application, and routine application services. Call us 1-888-Glassman or submit your info here and one of our team members can provide more information or set up service.



– Prevents Corrosion, Staining and Deposits
– Improves Clarity and Appearance Long-Term
– Dramatically Minimize Glass Maintenance

The Invisible Shield glass protection

Pella, Unbeatable value, products you’ll be proud to own, and the service you deserve.

Expectations are meant to be exceeded.
At Pella, we consider our products to be the best in the industry. With service that’s second to none. Whether you’re shopping in person or contact-free–we’ll connect you with the right windows at the right price.

Customized to your dreams.
Pelle windows can be crafted specifically for your home. No one-size-fits-all thinking. Whether you need a simple replacement or a one-a-kind creation, we promise fast turnaround and service as personalized as our products.

Pella windows are beautiful and as innovative as they are beautiful.
They’re made to be energy efficient, reducing heating and cooling costs. Made to reduce outside noise and block destructive UV rays. And they’re durable enough to withstand nature’s worst. No wonder Pella windows are rated #1 by homeowners for highest quality.

Our word is our bond.
With Pella, you can rely on some of the strongest warranties in the business. And The Pella Promise-including our pledge of a smooth and easy installation day–is something we take to heart. Choosing Pella is one of the most comfortable decisions you’ll ever take.