Getting replacement windows for your home is a good move that’ll improve your life and your property. But, there’s always room for error when looking for the best replacement windows for Arizona, especially if this is your first time doing so.

The real estate market is on an upward trajectory so it’s even more important to make quality improvements to your home, starting with your windows.

Here are 6 tips to help you pick the finest replacement windows for your home:

1. Consider What You Get Vs What You Give

Anytime you replace windows in your home, you’re putting in money that you’ll get back somehow. Think about how much you’re spending in light of the potential Return on Investment. How big of an impact will the windows you choose have on your energy bill? If you’re looking to sell down the line, how much will your window replacement contribute to the resale value? These are questions you’ll have to ask yourself before pouncing towards a purchase.

2. Team Up With Your Dream Squad

It’s not just about what your windows can do for you. It’s also about what your installers can do with your windows. You could have a high-grade product and end up with a botched-up job because you didn’t hire professionals. Only a seasoned window installer will be able to deal with anomalies and challenging homes, and only the best installers will follow procedures as set out by top window manufacturers.

Not all contractors will be equally forthcoming when it comes to the specifics of your windows either. If you receive a quotation with missing details, then that’s a red flag. All the relevant product details must be given to you, and all the costs should be explained. You must be thorough because you deserve a quality installation.

To avoid putting yourself at risk, check to see if your installer is certified. You can do this by conducting an online background check on them. The American Window and Door Institute, for example, makes this information freely available to consumers. 

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3. Think Frame Material

Some window frames can be painted and stained, others can’t. Some are stronger and more robust than others while others are meant to take on the appearance of a material that they’re not made from and have more hardware options as well. From wooden frames to composite ones, and even vinyl, each kind has its pros and cons. That’s why it’s important for you to know their qualities, so you know what’s suitable for your needs.

4. Compare and Contrast

Whichever way you look at it, characteristics are key. One window can be hinged differently from another, while another type of window will offer more ventilation than another one. Even when it comes to the way they’re used, you’ll discover differences. Do you want more or fewer panes and does the style fit into your lifestyle?

You’ll notice that one type will be easier to open, like double-hung windows. Another type will offer a clearer view, like casement windows, for example. Still, another kind may be far more airtight than the rest, as fixed windows are. Know what you want in a window, know what each type of window is good for, and you’re good to go.

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5. Get to Know the Brands

When it comes to the window manufacturing industry, there are leading brands, upcoming ones, and newcomers. You’ll find that some manufacturers are very picky about who they sell their products to, and suppliers must be authorized to sell their products. What’s more, they’ll train installers on how to best handle their products and give the best service. For best results, go for the most trusted brands with the most experience in the industry.

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6. Forget Spectating, Check the Ratings

Windows usually have what is called a window performance rating. What this tells you is just how well the window does when put to the test. Windows will be tested to see how they react to heat, wind, and water. This gives an idea of how well the windows do in real-life settings. The goal is to look for windows with a lower u-factor or a lower energy performance rating. The lower the rating, the better the window is when it comes to energy efficiency.

Other honorable considerations…

What Kind of Windows are Best for Arizona?

Arizona summers can be searing hot, the winters are cool and for the remainder of the year, it’s dry. This means you need windows with great temperature control capabilities. Aluminum windows take the cup in that league. If energy efficiency is of greatest importance to you, then thermal pane windows will be the way to go. For heat loss, check out the windows with a low u-factor of between 0.3-04.

Are Vinyl Windows Okay in Arizona?

Vinyl windows in Arizona have been known to last as long as 20 years. They don’t fade and bend easily even in extreme heat, and they’re very affordable. Still, it’s worth noting that they aren’t particularly the best in terms of insulation. For that, double pane windows will do the trick. You should know though that not all vinyl windows are made equal. Some are heavier than others.

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Do Home Windows In Arizona have Ratings?

When it comes to window ratings, you have the standard Energy Star ratings to help you determine the amount of heat loss in your window. Then you have the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient to give you more specific insight into how much heat enters your window. All of these measurements will help you pick the sturdiest and most comfortable windows you can find.

How Much do New Windows Cost in Arizona?

If we’re talking about standard vinyl double-hung windows, you could pay anywhere between $500-$700 per window. Standard wood double-hung windows shouldn’t cost more than $900. In light of the fact that the national average is $500 per window, it’s not too bad. Many factors will result in price variations and it’s not unheard of for some projects to cost $1000.

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