If you can tell beyond a reasonable doubt that your windows need replacing, it’s important that you go about it the right way. The first step is to determine what your window options are as well as the glass replacement costs.

The Arizona heat can be quite intense, so you want to make sure that all of your windows are working well to help keep your space cool and well-ventilated.

The good news is, if your window pane is cracked, there’s no need to replace the whole thing. You can get a professional window replacement and installation company to come over and replace the broken pane with an insulated glass unit. If you can’t get someone to fix your window immediately, there are some things you can do.

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The first thing is to look for holes, cracks, and chips in the glass. You can use clear nail varnish or glue to seal these. If you’re dealing with large cracks instead, you’re going to have to cover those up with duct tape. It’s best to cover both sides of the crack -both the inside and the outside- to make sure it’s completely airtight.

How To Replace Window Glass

The great thing about replacing the glass in your window is that in most cases costs are far less than replacing the entire window itself. There will also be consistency in the way your house looks because all the windows will still look the same. Replacing broken glass on your own is no easy task though. You could make things worse or even get yourself hurt.

You must be able to remove glass shards, and you’re going to need to know how to remove the glazing and sealants as well. You also need to prepare the frame, measure the pane, apply sealants with something called a caulking gun, replace sealing tape and a bunch of other steps.

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Getting an expert glass and window company to help you out will mean you get a fully functional and comfortable window in a fraction of the time it would take to do it yourself. A technician will take out the old window pane, clean out all glass shards from the frame, and put the Insulated Glass Unit in place before sealing it completely.

How To Fix A Broken Window Pane

Fixing a window pane starts with separating the pane from the window, scraping out the glazing, and prying out the old pane for the frame. You’re going to measure where the glass goes into the frame, making sure the new pane is slightly smaller to allow for the wood/aluminum to adapt to changing temperatures. As you know, wood and aluminum expands when it’s hot and contracts when it’s cold, and it’s these movements that need to be compensated for.

You will need a framing square to make sure your glass cutter is in alignment. Then, you can line your glass up nicely to the edge, and bring it down with a little bit of force. Get your glazing gun ready, apply it to where the widow will go, and fit the glass onto the pane, making sure it sits nice and sturdy. A putty knife should help you shimmy the glass into position.

From there, you will add one more strip of sealant on top of the window where it attaches to the frame, flatten it out, and wait a few days for it to dry. The edges of the glazing will need some trimming, just to make it look neat, and finally, you’re done.

Now, all of this takes experience and skill, so if you don’t want any complications; you’ll get the professionals to do it for you.

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What About Vinyl?

If your glass is inside of a vinyl frame, it might be a little trickier to replace it. You’ll need to have the sash removed from the window, which can be quite difficult if it’s welded in. You’ll have to pull out all the stops, the sealant will have to be cut out and you’ll have to maneuver the sash while you’re doing all of this. Then, find a replacement, fix the stops, and make sure the window is well-positioned.

Of course, it all sounds easier than it actually is. You’ll need heat guns, caulk guns, sandpaper, and composite fasteners; among other things. You might even need someone to help you hold the sash, especially if it has to be cut off completely. Vinyl frames are built to last, so removing them will take quite an effort. Steady hands are required in this regard; the kind an experienced window installer has.

Window Glass Replacement Cost

On average, a standard glass replacement will cost nearly $300. Depending on the quality of the glass and the cost of labor, single-pane window glass can cost as low as $100 and reach well over $500. The price per square foot will differ according to the type of glass used. Plate/flat glass can set you back up to $10.00 per square foot, while the double-glazed glass will go for up to $26 per square foot.

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How big is the glass you’re dealing with? How big are the panes? Are you going for custom glass or are you trying to go green by using Low-e -glass? Whatever enhancements you make, whatever extra repairs might be necessary, even the level of service you’ll be receiving from the technicians will count towards the final cost of the replacement.

Making The Right Choice

A multi-pane glass replacement might be just what you need if creating a sound barrier, blocking harmful UV rays, and regulating temperatures is something that seems appealing to you. To make sure you get value for money and a good return on your investment, it’s wise to go for energy-efficient glass. Keeping an eye out for certifications, environmental friendliness, and technologies employed is a great way to tell the best brands from the worst.

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You’re better off knowing all the various kinds of window glass that are available. Low-E glass, or Low Emissivity glass, is the kind that has a special coating meant to reduce the effects of radiation from the sun. Heat is bounced out of the house when it’s hot, and heat is bounced around the house when it’s warm, all thanks to Low-E Glass.

Laminated safety glass is the kind you use when security is of great importance. It’s super strong and can withstand massive amounts of heat and pressure. Tempered glass, on the other hand, is versatile, it doesn’t scratch easily, and it also reduces the risk of injury caused by glass shards. Picking the right kind of glass will depend on your specific needs and interests, your budget, and what you hope to achieve in the long or short term.

Tips and Tricks

Getting your windows replaced frequently is no fun, so you need to make sure that when you replace your window glass, you make some security upgrades as well. See if you can get a security screen for your window. The steel ones work best for added support to your glass. You might want to look into getting a protective film that will make it hard to shatter your window glass into pieces as well. You can even get tinted films in case you are worried about nosey neighbors.

Smash-proof window glass is ideal for those worried about break-in attempts. Window locks and security window shutters will offer you more protection in case you need it for some reason.

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Final Words

When it comes to picking the right company to help with installation, it’s best to go for one with a good, long track record, especially in the specific area you’re living in. It’s advisable to go with a business that’s been at it for at least a decade. This is likely to result in you getting a much smoother experience.

If your contractor only deals with certain kinds of windows, you didn’t pick the right team. You want a wider variety of products and services at your disposal. Any business person will tell you that competition reduces price, so you’re likely to get a better deal with multifaceted contractors.

Does the company offer a written guarantee for service delivery? Do they have any warranties to put you at ease? You need to ask these questions before committing to a certain installer.

Doing your research will go a long way in helping you make the right decision. Compare prices at every chance you get, watch out for discount opportunities, and ask a friend about their experience with replacing windows. Window glass replacements only come once in a while, so make sure to do it right. Hiring trained professionals will not only guarantee good quality work, but it’ll also save time, money, and a whole lot of energy.

Take your time when dealing with a project like this. Just don’t take too long because the longer you wait, the more damage will be done to the glass that needs replacing, and ultimately the whole window. Most importantly, make sure to take care of the window glass once it’s installed, cleaning it frequently, and maintaining it when needed.